Black Businesses Build Community on Black Friday through Pop-Up Shop

The holiday of Thanksgiving for local businesses represents their peak sales for the year.

Black Friday can give new businesses the exposure they need.


Licensed Therapist for Freedom Therapy Center Danielle Bailey is hosting a pop-up shop and game night to support local candle makers.

“The reason why I want it to be a game night is because I work with a lot of African American women who are suffering from not being able to make friends and so the game night, I’m hoping that when people come, we can play games and the seed of friendship will be planted.”


Danielle wants to build a sense of community within black businesses.

“There’s a lot of talented people here in Alexandria, and we think that there’s not. You know, some people lack exposure. Some people think they have to go to these major corporations when you don’t. When the actual local black candle maker has some really, really good candles.”


Danielle says she creates her products to empower black women.

“The Revolution of the Black Woman, what it means to me is that the change, the change that’s going to happen in black women through healing.”


She wants to connect candle makers together to elevate them to the next level.


“We have Shawn with Abode Candles, Kei from Inner-G Mix, Q&K Botanicals, and Lagniappe Candle Company. I want to be a bridge to get other people out to the community as best as I can.”


Danielle hopes this shop will inspire others to follow their dreams of owning a business.

The Black Friday Pop Up Shop will be on November 25th at 4 PM on 1102 Texas Avenue.