Bears hosts historic season run; first winning season in 20 years

“Giving everything that happened with COVID, it was a blessing just to finish the season.”

A blessing to finish, and a blessing to succeed.

“Just changed the culture, and getting the kids to believe that you’re not playing for me, you’re not playing for yourself or anybody else, you’re playing for the blue and white.”

New leadership from the top and a buy-in from the team allowed for the Bolton Bears to witness a turn around of the program. For the first time in 20 years, the Bears posted a winning season.

“It definitely feels good. That’s something that hasn’t happened in a long time. That’s two decades. I mean that’s a good feeling because knowing that we’re going to have a better season this year, so we’re basically going to have two-time winning seasons.”

Along with their 4-3 season, Bolton had 5 players sign their letter of intent to play on the collegiate level. It’s the most the school has seen in 15 years.

“You’ve got to make your own name for yourself. Be the class or be the group that turned Bolton around so 20 years from now, people are talking about the team from 2018, ’19, ’20 and not just Bolton football from the 80’s and ’90’s.”

Proving the unthinkable, the Bears are keeping their eyes forward.

They’re excited about their last run and they’ve had time to process everything that’s happened.

Now that’s happened, and they know they’re capable, it’s time to build on their fortune.

“Just to be apart of it, to get out of the slump, and actually help out the team while we were young, we’re older and some big things are going to happen.”

“The kids now understand that this is their school now. When they came in, they had to deal with the ghosts of former teams and former coaches and we used to be this way, we used to be that way, and I think over time, they got tired of hearing that.”

“We’re not settling for nothing less. We’re going to the playoffs, we’re going to have a good season… just ready.”