Barrett pursues “full circle moment” with Grant High School

“We did some things that maybe wasn’t expected and we did some things that this school hasn’t done, maybe ever in some instances or hasn’t done in a really long time.”

And he’s been there through it all.

Dillon Barrett stepped on the field as a player about 14 years ago, finishing his senior season in 2010 at quarterback, where he finished with over 2,000 all purpose yards.

“I had a great time going to school here. This program, even back when I was playing, we had some success but never consistent success. With those days behind him, he then moved on to play at the collegiate level at both Lamar and Ole Miss. But once finishing college, he couldn’t stay away from Grant High School too long.

He became an assistant coach with the Cougars in 2017.

“You always want to see your alma mater be successful. Being off at college and playing and then moving back, you keep up where you went to high school when you’re out of town and off at school. You come back and in my instance, started coaching here.”

He paid his dues until something new came up.

Barrett says that once the head coaching position became available, there was no question on him dropping his name in the hat.

Now after his first year, and helping lead his team to an historic season, there’s no ceiling for this program’s success for years to come.

Coach Hallman retired, he was here for five years, three of which I was here. So there was an opening and I thought it was best fit that I kind of transition into that role. Nobody really knew what was going to happen or take place, but I think it was good.”

And it was. The Cougars were on a roll.

Winning their first three contests before losing their last three in the regular season.

Unfortunately due to COVID, they were out two games but landed a playoff spot, at home, for the first time in school history.

“The year has a whole was a success in my book and in our players’ eyes. We did a lot of things that I’m proud of and our players are proud of and that we can build on going into next year.”

Now, continuing to build the foundation at Grant and knock off some goals, Barrett says he’s learned a lot about himself in year one.

“Patience is a big thing. You want to jump in and have all the success and you want to do all of these things right away. Understanding that those things take some time. Not that we can’t have immediate success or we cant have things happen immediately, but ultimately, things take time. So for me, I’ve learned to be a lot more patient.”