Barnes Academy set for second location

The Barnes Academy, locally-owned for baseball and softball athletes of all ages opened in October of last year.

Fast forward to now, not even a full year since opening as they prepare for their second location in Marshall, Texas.

Co-owners/brothers, Devin and Trey Barnes, says that this new move is a blessing.

“Opening up a second location is one of those things where it just feel unreal. Especially with the fact that we haven’t been open a full calendar year. With the coronavirus, we lost a few months here and there but that just shows how God is working for us right now.”

“The story is in itself. Having people want to be apart of what you’re doing is a blessing. I think that comes from treating people the right way and making it about the kids. I feel when you make everything about the kids and make it about learning baseball, you get the right people in your corner.”

“This location will be ran by my former college coach. He reached out to me about bringing the academy to the area and that was big to me. Especially playing for a guy who trust what we’re doing here and wanting to bring it to Texas.”