Avoyelles Parish Hosts Annual Fourth of July Arts and Music Fest

Avoyelles Parish celebrated the Fourth of July with their 10th Annual Arts and Music Fest.

The people of Marksville marked the holiday with a parade and festival.


Revina Amos is a Gulf War Army veteran who started painting as therapy for PTSD.

She says her paintings represents homelessness, poverty, and an unfair justice system.

Her painting “Poverty on Trial” is in memory of her mentally ill nephew arrested for murder.


Vendors from all over Marksville came to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Participants stopped to grab candy and enjoy the freedom of having fun.


Revina hopes her paintings can raise $30,000 to help her nephew.

She says the Fourth of July can be a time to reach out to those less fortunate.

The Fourth Of July can be a time to express yourself freely and enjoy life as an American.


For more information about festivals in Avoyelles Parish, go to marksvillechamber.org.

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