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Multi-Million Dollar Marijuana Bust in Vernon Parish


Authorities in Vernon Parish make a multi-million dollar marijuana bust.
Deputies say they found almost an entire plantation of marijuana growing in the western part of the parish.  Sheriff Sam Craft says this is the 3rd plot found in the area.  It was discovered in the woods, north of Highway 8 and 111 in the Burr [...]

New A/C Units Installed in Hotel Bentley


New air conditioning units are installed at the Hotel Bentley.  This is part of the remodeling that’s been underway for several weeks.  The historic hotel may be open by the fall.

Jenkins is turning the hotel into a boutique and condos.  Work is underway on both components of the new hotel.
KLAX ABC 31 News 8/12/13

Medical Minute: Children’s Allergies Possibly Affected by Birth Method

Allergies are on the rise in children, but we don’t know why.  Now, new research suggests that the way your baby is born may have something to do with it.
Here’s ABC’s Senior Medical Contributor, Doctor Timothy Johnson.

KLAX ABC 31 News 8/12/13

Shrimpers Expect Prices to Rise

Shrimp season starts in Louisiana today.  But customers could see major changes at the register.  Shrimpers expect the price of shrimp to go up; some say as much as one dollar per pound.
Allison Bourne Vanneck met with shrimpers to find out exactly what is going on.

KLAX ABC 31 News 8/12/13

Local Group Questions Plans for Huey Long Hospital


They’re trying to save Huey Long Hospital.  Now, one local group is questioning the latest plans for providing health insurance for the uninsured.
It looks as though there will be a public-private partnership between Cabrini and Rapides Regional.  That partnership would provide bed space, but out-patient cases will be handled by community clinics.

The group held a [...]

Duck Dynasty Star Encourages Adoptions


A reality show star from West Monroe lends his celebrity to the adoption efforts in Louisiana.  Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is helping out the state’s foster care program.

He recently participated in a Family Forum program to encourage churches to urge adoptions.
KLAX ABC 31 News 8/12/13

Law Prevents Utilities Cut-Offs in Extreme Temperatures


For those who are struggling to pay their utility bills, PSC Commissioners remind residents there’s a law to stop cut-offs when the heat index is 105 degrees or hotter.  The same rule applies in the winter when temps plummet to 32 degrees or below.
KLAX ABC 31 News 8/12/13

Coliseum Project Delay


A decision about the stalled Rapides Coliseum project may happen sometime very soon.  Police jurors put the plans on hold when they found out the price tag had escalated.
Voters have approved a renovated facility plus an operations property tax.  However, some jurors have met with other architects to see if the price can be kept [...]

Final Community Meeting for THINKAlex Initiative


[ October 14, 2013; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] New Date for Final Community Meeting!

Citizens Invited to Review DRAFT Plan and Share Ideas

The City of Alexandria invites all citizens to attend the final community meeting for Alexandria’s THINKAlex Initiative.

The date of the Final Citywide meeting has changed to October 14th allowing more time for additional development of the Unified Development Strategy (UDS) and Land [...]

Family Camp at Dry Creek Baptist Camp

[ September 13, 2013 5:00 pm to September 14, 2013 2:00 pm. ] Family Camp at Dry Creek Baptist Camp in Dry Creek, LA
September 13-14
A fun retreat for the whole family.
Cost:  $100/family of 3, $20 for each additional child with a maximum of $160.
Lodging will be in Adult Conference Center
Begins at 5pm Friday.  Ends after lunch on Saturday.
To register or for more information, call (337) 328-7531.