ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: UA’s Deville playing for more than herself

Being a champion doesn’t come easy.

Not only are you playing for yourself, but only for your teammates.

For UA’s Destiney Deville, she’s playing for her bestfriend.

“I feel like I accomplished a lot. Before we won state, I told my grandpa that I was going to win a ring. It was my mindset to win a ring before my junior year.”

Now a junior with the Lions, she made good on her promise but unfortunately, her grandfather wasn’t there physically to witness. He passed away in November of 2018.

“Destiney’s family and I go a long way back. When her grandfather died, he was my principal at Bayou Chicot. He was a very good role model to her. I try to not take anybody’s place, but I try to give her all the advice and just to help her navigate through life.”

“I watched basketball with him and my grandma and that’s where we connected. Both of them were my bestfriends and after that it was basketball this, basketball that. No other sport.”

Her grandmother passed away recently, a victim to COVID-19.

Playing basketball since three years old, Destiney yearns to get better.

She says she’s never just “out and about”, she’s always looking to perfect her craft.

“This is my life, this is where I am 24/7 and if I’m not in the gym, I’m at home practicing dribbles or doing something. It’s always basketball. I’m never just out and about.”

“She has unbelievable quickness and when she’s able to go both right and left it’s very hard to stop her. When we get her jumpshot to where it needs to be, then she’ll be extremely hard to guard.”

“This is what I want to do. This is what I told them what’s going to get me from staying out of trouble. I just tune everybody out. I feel my grandma and grandpa through the sport. It’s like I’m playing for them.”

So, when you coming down the lane finishing at the rim, or at the free throw line, she’s playing for everyone around her, and her angels above.”