The Northwood Gator blood runs deep in Trent Ingraham’s family.

“Of course he’s got history here. His parents went here, his older brother went here and he’s embraced all of it. The changing and all of that.. the culture change and he’s probably been one of my best ones.”

Asking where his passion for the game came from, Trent says he’s been raised on football his entire life.

“I’ve always grown up in the sport. My parents raised me on the sport. My brother played since he was a baby, so it just grew in the family.”

Trent’s older brother was the quarterback for the Gators back in 2016. Trent says that he looks up to him and that football is a “glue” in their relationship being that its a special topic between them. His brother is his inspiration.

Trent recently suffered from getting too dehydrated and had to sit out some time. He’s made his return to the field this past Monday and he’s more motivated now than ever before.

“It hurt. It sucked sitting out for however long and then coming back, it felt good. I got to hold a ball again, I got to hit again. It felt good.”

Monday was like Christmas morning to him. He was ready to get back.”

Ingraham is a sophomore playing both sides of the ball at linebacker and fullback and also gets some snaps off.

Playing two positions and rarely leaving the field during the game could be tiring on a person, but Trent enjoys being versatile.

“It can get tiring a little bit because once you get off of offense, you’re going straight on defense. But, I like to do it because its just… work.”

Head coach, Justin Webb, is also fresh to the Northwood High territory. He’s going into his second year as the head coach after a transition from Tioga High. This sort of brings about a bond between him and Trent being that they entered Northwood around the same time. Webb says that he’s lucky to have him on his team for another two years.

“I mean, he’s still a sophomore and he still needs to be motivated sometimes, as would any teenager. But all in all, I love working with him, I love coaching him, and I love that he comes out here and he sets the example of what it means to be a Northwood football player.”