ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Peabody’s Tyriq Miles adds on academic accomplishments

Peabody’s quarterback, Tyriq Miles wasn’t impressed with his performance last week, even after leading his team to a win. Although he wasn’t happy with his stats on the field, he was happy with his stats in the classroom.

“Being a student athlete is important. Athletics only take you so far, that extra push in the classroom is what you need.”

“We’re very lucky. His leadership is very is undeniable. He’s just a great young man and he does a great job for us.”

When he’s not on the field making plays, Tyriq Miles has his heads in the books, which you can assume keeps him very busy.

Last week, was busier than usual.

“I’m thankful. God has been blessing me for the last week. I received three offers last week, Student of the Year and I got my ACT scores back which I scored a 30. So, it was a pretty busy week.”

The 6’3, 190-pound senior bleeds leadership.

After the culture of the program prior to last season, Tyriq helped lead the squad to a playoff appearance, with hopes to do it again this year.

Now voted unanimously for Student of the Year, Tyriq says it means a lot for his peers to look up to him.

“It feels good knowing that a lot of my teammates and student body looks up to me. I’m glad I can be in the right position to lead them in the right path.”

Still padding on stats for the season, he currently stands with over 450 yards passing, scrambling out the pocket rushing for 133 yards, and 2 quarterback touchdowns.

That’s only minimum to the success he has planned a he closes this chapter of his senior year.

“That goes without saying with that guy. He’s just remarkable. When I got here two years ago, I saw him in the Algebra 1 class and he was tutoring some other students that were having some problems so that just says a lot about his character and his parents have done a great job.”

“Hopefully, I can get valedictorian. I’m currently #4. I’m behind a point (plus) in my GPA so hopefully I can get valedictorian.”