Playing football since his primary school days, Menard RB, Javarus Fisher, says that he’s just living out his dreams.

Head coach, Chris Gatlin, says that he’s seen Fisher develop tremendously on and off the field and Fisher agrees.

Unfortunately, Fisher wasn’t doing so well in school but now his grades have excelled making him an “A-B student”.

He’s a very quiet and humble young man, but he lets his work ethic do the talking for him.

“He’s what Menard is about. He comes in and works hard everyday, gets in the weight room, do what he’s supposed to do, plays with injury, and we have a lot of kids like that but Javarus is one in the three years that I’ve been here he’s been one that has really made some improvement.”

The Eagles pulled off a very close win last week over Lakeview 14-12 and Javarus can attest to being apart of that. He rushed for 78 yards and scored a touchdown. Although, he’s excited to put up great stats for himself, he’s more concerned with helping his team in whatever way he can.

“I just went into the game thinking that if I get the ball, just do the best I can do and get as more starts as I can get and I’ll just end up having a good game. I was just trying to help my team out. It was a close game all game and I just wanted us to get the win.”

Javarus shares that most of his family didn’t attend college. This motivates him to set a new standard and further in education beyond high school. He strives to continue to make his family proud.

“My family… none of them went to college so I just want to be that one person to make it out and show my family that I’m doing good and that I can do good.”

Fisher is a junior, so he’s expected to return to the field next year. Since the season has started, and even before then, he’s continued to raise the bar for himself and the Eagles squad. So, between himself and Coach Gatlin, they seek a lot of potential ahead of him in the future.

“I can see a lot. If I can just come out here everyday and get better with my team, and try to work on myself while I’m doing, I feel like I can do good.”

“This profession is very frustrating because you don’t see a lot of the successes. Everybody bases your success on wins and losses, but when you have a guy like Javarus, we win… we win.”