ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Gators’ Emily Waits finishes highest overall in archery tournament

It all started in 7th grade when Emily wanted to try a non-traditional sport… and to her surprise, she was very good at it.

“I started archery in the 7th grade. I wanted to try something new and as it turns out, I just had a knack for it. It was definitely something new for me to try that most people don’t think of when they think of sports so that’s why I enjoy it.”

“Emily came in, got on the line, started shooting and it was… WOW! It just came natural to her.”

So good that she began to shoot up the ranks quickly, where she would land top spots in different meets and this past weekend, she was the best target overall.

“I’ve actually made it to State and Nationals and award competitions but this was the first tournament where I placed first overall.”

“Her highest score in archery is a 291, in archery the perfect score is a 300. Emily is in the 10th grade and I told her before she graduates, I want to see her in that 300 club. I know she can do it.”

Emily’s competitiveness is what drives her to be better.

As a sophomore for the Gators, she has two more years to reach her highest goals.

As a leader for the team, she says it’s an honor to represent Northwood.

“It feels very good. I’m a very competitive person to begin with and to see my name up there with Northwood on it is definitely something I’m proud of.”