At-Large Alexandria City Council Candidate Discusses Crime, Past Accomplishments

At-Large Alexandria City Council Candidate Jules Green is no stranger to the city council he served two terms as Councilman for District 3 before losing to Cynthia Perry last cycle.  He spoke with me about crime and some of the successes that he saw while he was councilman.

“I know the city well the flooding the drainage problems and the infrastructure, and I’m a people person that can be reached that can be talked to, and I definitely respond to calls… So you can’t be on the council and run the mayor’s office and vice versa he can’t be in the mayor’s office and run the city council.

“I’d like to bring back civility to the council.  Whereas everyone has an opinion and you need to be able to speak calmly and get your point across without being so aggressive toward each other.

“Overall, nationwide is crime.  In the city of Alexandria we’re not only the area, city that has crime.  We need to go back to community policing I’m strongly for that. Chief Howard is doing the best he can to me what he can do with what he has to work with.  The past administration the current administration we’ve lost quite a few police officers.  A lot of people refuse to talk to police officers because they are not comfortable talking with them. But if you have a relationship with the community people will give you information.

“One thing District 3 needed at that time was a good store and I bought along with former councilman Joe Fuller we were instrumental in getting a Dollar General store on Willow Glen Road.  I was also instrumental in being able to refinance some bonds for the city saving the city about $17 million.”

Green will face newcomer B.J. Bennet and Incumbent Jim Villard in November.

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