ASH Trojans have a physical task on their hands against the Zachary Broncos

“It’s all over their house and all over their social media is physical football, physicality… so we know it’s fixin’ to be a street fight.”

The ASH Trojans have a big task on their hands as they travel for their first road (and hopefully not last) post-season game against the Zachary Broncos. They’ve only met twice in school history.

This quarterfinals appearance marks the first one since 2011.

Head coach, Thomas Bachman, says that the Broncos have heavy offensive talent, something they have in common.

Both teams average almost 40 points per game, and only have one loss for the season.

A main ingredient to the Trojans success has been their ability to start fast and control the game, which we’ve seen in the first two rounds of the playoffs for the team.

Although that’s a major stat for the squad, the celebrations can’t be long as are reminded that a new slate begins every week.

“We’ve been able for those last two weeks to get off to a fast start, in a a few of our games, we’ve been able to get off to a fast start. It went a long way, just grab and control and we’re going to continue to lean on them. It’s been an advantage for us. Everything we’ve done until this point is in the past.  We’ve got to go have a great week of prep and do it all over again. This week, none of the points, none of the stops, none of the rushes, none of the carries, none of that count this week. You got to go earn it all over again.”

Zachary will host the ASH Trojans this Friday, 7 pm.