ASH students participate in “Sleep in a Box” project

[Alexandria, LA] The youth at Alexandria Senior High School are experienced what it would be like to “Sleep in a Box”. A project created to raise money and bring awareness to homelessness across Central Louisiana

A freshman, Lindsey Purvis, at the high school told ABC 31 news reporter, Miranda Thomas, about her experience.

“We were very limited on materials she pretty much told us cardboard and tarps, and that was pretty much it…All these things that you take for granted like water food and four walls, it’s definitely given me an idea of what people who may not have a home go through,” said Lindsey Purvis.

Cameron Baker, graduate of Alexandria Senior High School recalls the first time he was a part of the sleep in a box project. He returned to show how much of an impact the project has had on his life.

“A lot of these young people are, they’re sheltered, and I was sheltered too. I didn’t know how bad homelessness was, so the more I got exposed to it, the more I realized…everything I have can be taken away,” said Baker.

Event Coordinator, Katy Andries, challenges other young people as well as schools to get involved with issues that impact their communities.

“I challenge schools to do an event like this where it gets kids out of their comfort zones and raise money for these charities because they need us right now,“ said Andries.

These students were able to raise $3,500 for the Manna House and the Central Louisiana Homeless Coalition, local charities . Andries says they continue to increase their efforts of raising funds for the charities.