Artists Show Off Their Talent at Quick Paint Competition for Plein Air Festival

The Alexandria Museum of Art is hosting their Second Annual Plein Air Festival.

The museum encourages the community to participate in the arts.


Artists raced the clock for 2 hours to get their painting done.

Local Artist Kate Hodnett says, “I was actually in it last year and it was so much fun. We got to meet with other artists from around the country and around the state, so it was really good to just bring that community of people together and for our community locally. It was entire week where everyone was around town, at different parks, cities, and museums just painting!”


Plein Air Artist Richie Vios loved the experience of painting outdoors.

“I mean, if you took picture, there’s no justice on it. When you see the actual, see all the noises and the colors, and everything it’s really different, so man, it’s different universe as an artist.


Artist and Plein Air Festival Judge Suzie Baker says painting outdoors will challenge artists and grow their skills.

“I’m also going to be looking for expression, that thing about a painting that separates it and gives it a little more interest. I’m also going to be looking to see, was the artist in control of all the things they were looking at or were they being bossed around a little too much by the weather or the scene.”


Suzie Baker picked Richie Vios as its 2nd place winner.

Plein Air Artist Michael Stiffler was chosen as the 1st place winner for his first time in the competition.

“It’s just a great experience and what’s neat about it is comradery amongst artists. It’s not really competitive as it is just people who love art and it’s a great community to belong to.”


Suzie Baker says she hopes they learned how to appreciate nature and explore their creativity.

The Alexandria Museum of Art invites the public to buy the paintings at the palette party on October 16th at 4 pm.