Arrest made in simple kidnapping


On May 19th, 2016, the Sheriff’s Office was contacted with a complaint in reference to a runaway juvenile who was not being returned by another family member. 

The complainant had been entrusted by the parents with the care of the juvenile female while they were on a trip.  On May 18th, the juveniles aunt, identified as Jennifer Elizabeth Hawn, was visiting the complainant and the juvenile secretly stowed away in her vehicle when she left the residence.   Hawn contacted the complainant to tell her that the juvenile had hidden herself in the vehicle and the two discussed how to get the juvenile back to the complainant, however, the juvenile refused to get back into the car to go back to the complainant.  Hawn spoke to the complainant and agreed to bring the juvenile back on the morning of May 19th but did not do so. 

Despite repeated attempts by the complainant to meet with Hawn and get the juvenile back, Hawn refused. Hawn continued to refuse to return the juvenile into the evening of May 19th, including after she was told that the Sheriff’s Office would be contacted.  Sheriff’s Office personnel even made a personal courtesy phone call to have Hawn bring the child back to the complainant but Hawn did not return the juvenile and refused to return the juvenile or disclose her location.  Deputies made several attempts to make contact with Hawn and the juvenile at Hawn’s residence to no avail. 

With no other alternatives left, Detectives started working the case as a kidnapping due to Hawn refusing to return the juvenile.  Detectives were able to obtain a warrant for Hawn’s arrest and Patrol Deputies located Hawn and the juvenile at Hawn’s residence around 1:45 am on May 20th.  Hawn was placed under arrest for the warrant and booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center where she was later released on a $250.00 bond. 

The juvenile was cited for being a runaway juvenile and was released back to the custody of the complainant.