Arrest for Home Invasion and Attempted Second Degree Murder

Press Release – On March 17, around 1 am, APD officers responded to a residence in the 2500 block of Culpepper Road to a report of a burglary. Officers arrived and contacted the resident, and could see that the front door was damaged and could not be secured, reportedly from being kicked in.

The officers were informed that the suspect was known to the resident, and had been repeatedly coming to the apartment and trying to get in, despite repeatedly being told not to come there. Earlier, at around 10:30 pm, the suspect had come to the apartment and climbed a ladder to bang on the window, demanding to be let in. Then, at around 11:30 pm, the suspect began banging on the door of the apartment before kicking in the door and coming inside. The suspect then spit on the resident before taking a phone and breaking it, then fled the scene. The resident was eventually able to find a neighbor to phone the police.

The resident was transported to a separate location to stay with a family member. At around 2 am, the family member contacted APD to report that he had been shot at by the suspect. As the residence could not be secured with the door broken, the family member had gone to the residence to collect items. While driving on Sterkx Road near Culpepper, the suspect shot at him in his vehicle multiple times, with one shot hitting the driver’s side mirror. The suspect had been walking with another male, both wearing camouflage, and both fled the area after the shooting.

Officers arrived in the area quickly and located two males wearing camouflage, walking away from the scene a few blocks away, at Culpepper and Edwards. When the males saw the police car, they began running away. Officers established a perimeter and were able to catch one of the males immediately, who was identified as Dacrius Smith. The officers continued to search for the other suspect and eventually located a camouflage jacket in a yard in the 5200 block of Edwards. The officers looked around the house and found a leg sticking out from under the house, after which they ordered him out and took him into custody. He was identified as Davion Smith, the suspect in the initial call as well as the shooting.

Davion Smith was charged with Home Invasion and Attempted Second Degree Murder. Dacrius Smith had an active warrant through Pineville PD for Felony Theft, Felony Criminal Damage to Property, Disturbing the Peace and Felony Contributing to the Delinquency of a Juvenile. Both were booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.