Naked Female is arrested after Running From Officers

Press Release – On March 21, around 12:30 am, an APD officer witnessed a car running a red light at the intersection of MacArthur Drive and North Bl. The officer followed the vehicle into the parking lot of Logan’s and activated blue lights, attempting to stop the vehicle. The car continued through the parking lot and exited onto North Blvd, striking the curb, swerving and straddling both lanes toward Culpepper Road. The car then ran the stop sign turning right onto Culpepper and proceeded into the parking lot of an apartment building close by.

After entering the parking lot, the car stopped in a parking spot, after which a naked female exited the driver’s door and started running toward a building. Immediately after this, a young child got out of the front passenger seat and followed after the naked woman. The officer followed and reached the apartment as the female was shutting the door, however the officer was able to control the female’s wrist. While the officer was holding her wrist, she began yelling for the officer to let go so she could get her gun. The officer was able to maintain control of her wrist until another officer arrived and they were then able to place her under arrest.

Once the scene was secure, the officers detected signs of intoxication from the driver. The driver said that she had been drinking, and claimed she did not see the blue lights or hear the police siren. Officers determined that the child with her was 8 years old and had been in the front seat, unrestrained. The child was left in the custody of another adult at the apartment, and the driver, identified as Tami Collins, was arrested and charged with: Red Light Violation, Aggravated Flight from an Officer, Careless Operation, Child Desertion, No Child Restraint, Improper Lane Use, Stop Sign Violation, Failure to Signal, and Resisting an Officer. Collins also had an active warrant through Alexandria City Court for Probation Violation. She was booked into the Rapides Parish Detention Center.