Archery club formed at Northwestern State

NATCHITOCHES – Bradford Morrison is hoping a new club at Northwestern State University can introduce fellow students to a sport they can participate in for years to come.

Morrison is creating an archery club he hopes will eventually take part in regional and national competitions.

“I love introducing new people to the sport and I think archery is a great recreational or competitive activity that can be done throughout one’s entire life,” said Morrison, a sophomore computer information systems major from Natchitoches. “I was not planning on starting a club, but (Coordinator of esports) Mr. Chance Creppel showed me how easy it was, and I met several people who encouraged me and offered to help.”

The club’s ultimate goal is to compete in USA Archery and ASA Archery National events against some of the top schools in the region. An archery team does not require a large budget, so Morrison feels NSU students can be competitive. But he said the club is open to anyone with an interest in archery.

“If we have people willing to train and invest their time and money, we can do it,” he said “We will not turn away people who are just starting or are not interested in competing. If someone wants to shoot, we can help them, no matter what their level of skill or interest in competitions may be.”

Morrison was homeschooled and competed in 4-H, NFAA, and USA archery events in high school. He bow hunted for years and first started competitions to become a better hunter.

“My hunting buddy shot 4-H archery and was a member of USA Archery’s Junior Olympic Archery Development Club in Bossier,” said Morrison. “He recruited me as a fellow teammate, and I reluctantly started competitive archery. Several clubs and coaches later, here I am.”

Morrison has competed since 2015 in local leagues, 3D shoots, and 4-H events winning at least 10 state championships in both youth and men ‘s divisions. He has been ranked in the top 10 in the nation in USA Archery USAT competitions. He is a member of the Hornet Archery Team based in Atlanta, Georgia, which represents the U.S. in competitions around the world.  His coach returned from the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo where he was the head coach of the Para-Olympic Archery Team.

            Morrison feels there has been an upsurge in archery in recent years but not because of the Olympics. He says the series of “Hunger Games” films have broadened the appeal of the sport.

“I honestly think Jennifer Laurence has done more for the sport of archery than the Olympics ever could,” said Morrison. “According to the Archery Trade Association, sales of archery equipment skyrockets for approximately two years after a ‘Hunger Games’ film is released. Archery is often stereotyped as a ‘man’s game,’ so it is good to see women getting more involved in the sport.”

For more information on the NSU Archery Club, contact Morrison at