Alexandria Police Officers Association, Local 833 send Cease and Desist Order to Mayor Hall

Yesterday afternoon, Keiser Law Offices emailed a copy of a Cease and Desist Letter that had been sent to Mayor Hall concerning the use of pictures and video of Officers in his campaign ads without their permission. We have called the Mayors office but have yet to get a statement from him.

Click here to read the letter: Corr – Out – Jeff Hall for Mayor 22-10-31 Cease Desist re APD officer images (003)

In a statement released this afternoon Mayor Hall had this to say:

“I am proud of the agreement we reached with the police and fire unions as shown in the video. I chose to replace the video because the new union agreement that serves both our public safety employees and our citizens is the message. And the relationships I have with APD and the men and women of public safety are more important than a specific video clip.” – Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall