Alexandria Mayors Race Heats Up

A crowded field will give voters wide choices as Alexandria City Council President Catherine Davidson joins current Mayor Jeff Hall, former Mayor Jacques Roy, and newcomer Harry Hayes in vying for the job.  Here’s how these candidates compare as their respective campaigns get going.

Kara Guillory of Alexandria said, “I really want when my kids get older to have the option to stay here.”

Kara Gulliory says she believes in Alexandria and came to this rally to get a close-up look at one of the many people vying to lead it.

Catherine Davidson, Alexandria Mayoral Candidate said, “I believe that Alexandria can reach its potential if we do things differently.  The last thing we need to do is go backward.”

Catherine Davidson campaign kickoff rally put her in a crowded field for Alexandria’s top city job.  She won appointment to the city council in March of 2021, eventually taking charge as its president.  She says her top priority would remain keeping the city safe.

“The first three things I’m going to address is public safety, public safety, public safety.  No one is going to move here, no one is going to walk their dog, people are just afraid.  If you don’t address the problem or pretend like crime is on the decline and our zones are covered you’re never going to be able to fix that problem.”

Her biggest target as council person… Jeff hall, the city’s first african-american mayor.

Hall has stood fast against Davidson’s claims that he’s held vital information from citizens, and says he has a plan that will move the city forward.

The race has also drawn the attention of Peabody Magnet School Teacher Harry Hayes, who says his 16 years in the Louisiana National Guard has prepared him to take the reins of the city.

Perhaps the most interesting entry in the race, is Former Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy.  While voters may find him familiar, he says he has new ideas to tackle the city’s problems.

“We can all agree we can’t continue down this path. Tough times demand a course change. We have to come together, work together, and make changes that get us back on track. Right now. We’ve done it before and we can do it again.”

There were about 35 people that showed up at Davidson’s law office including Harry Hayes who is also running for mayor.

Kara Guillory said, “If we continue down this path with crime and businesses, I might end up leaving the city.”

A serious challenge to all the candidates

Davidson perhaps summed up the feeling of all the candidates, when she made this statement:

“I’m running for mayor I’m not running against anyone.  It’s democracy.”

Qualifying for mayor, City Council District 2, District 4 and an at-large position ended Friday.  We will have more from the candidates who qualified next week.

Those who qualified for District 2 are Gary Johnson, Roosevelt Johnson, Gerber Porter and Clarence Reed.  In District 4 it’s Elizabeth “Lizzie” Felter and Thomas “Tom” Spencer.  For the at-large council position those qualifying are Brian “B.J.” Bennett, Jules Green and James “Jim” Villard.  Also qualifying for mayor is Lorenzo Davis.