Alexandria International Airport Benefits from Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded over $1.6 million to fund the Alexandria International Airport in Louisiana.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funding will allow airports to improve safety and expand opportunity to communities across the country.


It provides funds to replace concrete panels on a runway and rehabilitate runway lighting.

It will help maintain the structural integrity of the pavement and minimize foreign object debris.

By improving the runway lighting system, it can enhance safe airfield operations during low-visibility conditions.

Deputy Director of Aviation Scott Gammel says the grant received will provide over 100 construction jobs.

“The infrastructure we have here is of course 80 years old and so we need to continue to keep our runway and taxi system in the best shape that we possibly can and that’s what these grants allow us to do.”


The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act plans to upgrade and expand public transit and modernize airports.