Alexandria City and Ward Marshal, Terence Grines, Resigns His Post

Alexandria City and Ward Marshal Terence Grines sends a one-sentence letter today to the secretary of state to resign his post.

The 49-year-old Grines has a court appearance Friday before Judge Tom Yeager in 9th judicial district court.

He’s expected then to plead guilty to malfeasance, drug distribution and resisting arrest. He is expected to be sentenced at that time.

Grines is leaving a lucrative post that would ordinarily have expired in 20-20.

Those knowledgeable about the job say he has been one of the highest paid elected officials in the parish—making some 240 thousand a year. The police jury will need to call a special election for Grines’ successor, and at least 6 people have so far been touted as possible candidates.

Grines’ chief deputy will take over the post until the election.