A Perfect Fit Foundation Raises Money for Children In Need of Shoes

After a two-year pandemic pause, A Perfect Fit Foundation is back with their annual pancake fundraiser.

Their goal is to help children love the shoes they’re in.

Director of A Perfect Fit Foundation Will Harp Jr. says, “We’ve been really excited to get the pancake breakfast started again and the response this year has been overwhelming.”


A Perfect Fit Foundation was started in 2006, to honor the late Jerry Harp, a shoe salesman in Alexandria for more than 50 years.

Director of A Perfect Fit Foundation Will Harp Jr. says, “And one of the most important things to him was to get the perfect fit particularly for students and children who are always growing.”


His grandson, Will Harp Jr., says he is proud to continue building this foundation through its annual pancake breakfast.

“Shoes and well-fitted shoes are a great foundation for kids to get started because my dad always said, ‘If your feet aren’t right, nothing’s right.’”


A Perfect Fit Foundation is giving out pancakes to help children in need of shoes.

Each person made a $7.00 donation to enjoy hot pancakes and make a difference in a child’s life.

“And so the joy we get to see on the kids’ faces when they get to come into the school the next day with a brand new pair of shoes on after often times, coming to school in hand-me downs or even shared pairs of shoes, it’s a great sense of fulfillment, and I know that my grandfather would be humbled and honored for this foundation to be, to bear his name.”


Volunteers made a fresh batch of pancakes to thank the public for donating to a good cause.

Director of A Perfect Fit Foundation Will Harp Jr. says, “I was born and raised here so it’s nice to be able to give back to the next generation so they can have that foundation to grow up and enjoy those same things.”


Through grants and donations, it has funded about 20,000 pairs of shoes since it started.

For their 10th annual breakfast, it was their busiest year yet and they sold out.