CLTCC Students Earn Two Silver Medals at Skills USA National Competition

The Skills USA competition gives career and technical students the opportunity to elevate their skills.

CLTCC students presented their work to business and industry leaders.

The Skills USA competition taught students how to develop personal, workplace, and technical skills related to their chosen field.


Over 12,000 students participated in this year’s national championship in Atlanta, GA.

Brittany Smith was nervous about participating in her first competition.

She is grateful her teacher, Ramona Guin, was there when she had anxiety attacks.

Brittany was surprised to win the silver medal for Nurse Assisting.


Evan Jackson was excited to win a gold medal in 2021.

He applied what he learned to work as a computer technician for Roy O Martin.

This year he earned a silver medal in Technical Computer Applications.


Ramona Guin was their support system every step of the way.

Ramona believed in their ability to succeed in the workforce.

She says the skills they learned will further their career.


This marked the second straight year CLTCC students earned national honors in those categories.

The staff at Central Louisiana Technical College takes pride in their close community.

Brittany says she can’t wait to compete in the Skills USA competition again.


To enroll in next year’s competition, CLTCC students can go to