7-Year-Old Girl Dies in Murder/Suicide

A man in Avoyelles parish shot and killed his seven-year-old daughter and then killed himself in the Effie community.   The father is 28-year-old Ryan Recktenwald, and the little girl is Madeline.

Avoyelles deputies say it happened in the back yard of a home where Recktenwald and his daughter were staying.  He’s described as something of a drifter, whose nearest relative is a father in Nevada.

The two bodies were found last night.

Authorities say they have notified the little girl’s mother, who apparently has not been in her daughter’s life for several years.

The shootings happened on the Vick Road in the small community of Effie not far from the Moncla Bridge off Highway 107.

KLAX ABC 31 News 7/9/15

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