New additions to Louisiana College Disc Golf course

Some new and something different at Louisiana College. Renovations have been made to the disc golf course.

The course has been on campus for some time but due to severe weather, some years back, there was damage to the course.

Former LC Wildcat, Josh Boyett and others recently enhanced what was remaining and also adding more signs and three more holes making that nine total.

“I knew that this was going to be something really cool once we finished it because like I said, it is growing. There was quite a few students that played and used the course often so we just wanted to give them something nice that they can enjoy on campus.”

Josh says that although he’s not in the area anymore to actually play along the course, since the project, he’s received nothing but positive feedback.

“So far, it’s been nothing but positive. Everybody’s been really supportive. The president of the school, Dr. Brewer, we were texting a few days ago and said it looks great and excellent job. I know it’s going to be something to be enjoyed for a long time to come so I was just thrilled to be apart of it. I think its a really great thing.”