3 RPSO deputies arrested on multiple charges

Three RPSO deputies were arrested on January 23rd for allegedly bringing illegal narcotics and other contraband into a correctional facility.

An investigation found enough probable cause to arrest Brandon Anderson, Anthony Luttrull and Patrick Hall.

Brandon Anderson was charged with one count criminal conspiracy, one count malfeasance in office and one count contraband taken to and from penal institutions.

Anthony Luttrull was charged with one count of illegal carrying of a firearm with illegal drugs, 13 counts of criminal conspiracy, 13 counts of contraband taken to and from penal institutions and 13 counts of malfeasance in office.

Other charges for Luttrull include one count of production/manufacturing/distribution/dispense or possession of CDS 4 with intent to distribute, one count of CDS IV production/manufacturing/distribution/dispense of and CS1 <28 grams, analogues, thereof or counterfeit substances and one count of CDS I production/manufacturing/distribution/dispense of CDS I <28 grams, analogues thereof or counterfeit substances.

Patrick Hall was charged with three counts of malfeasance in office, three counts of criminal conspiracy and two counts of contraband taking to and from penal institutions.

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