3 Arrested for Drug and Illegal Firearm Possession

metharrestsRapides deputies arrest three in Pineville for drug and illegal firearm charges.  They’re 32-year-old Marshal Frantom and 21-year-old Shelby Stephens – both of Pineville and 35-year-old Michael Metesh of Pollock.

Deputies say they were tipped Frantom was distributing drugs and conducted a six-month probe that ended June 13th when his home on Denny Road was searched.  Deputies found about 2 ounces of meth, an assortment of Xanax and hydrocodone pills, firearms, and approximately 400 rounds of rifle ammunition.

A detailed inspection of the rifles revealed that 2 had been modified to fire fully automatic.  Additional charges to include possession of a machine gun and failure to register weapons are being considered.  The investigation is still ongoing.

KLAX ABC 31 News 6/27/13

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