24th annual BBBBB


BBBBB4Friday March 28, 2014 

11:30 am (1130 HR):  Chris Reid will present “Rare Plants of Louisiana” as part of Ft Polk’s monthly brown bag series.   Chris is the Botanist for Louisiana Natural Heritage Program.  The Brown Bag will be held in Building 2537 on 23rd St. You can drive onto Ft. Polk and get a pass at the guard station at the west entrance on Louisiana Ave off U.S. 171 south of Leesville and north of Pickering.  Another option is to come to Allen Acres and share a ride with Charles Allen.  I will probably depart from Allen Acres around 10 am.  You would probably want to bring your lunch; there are fast food choices on base but are usually very busy at lunch.  For directions to the building, email or call Charles Allen (Charles.M.Allen1@us.army.mil or native@camtel.net  337-531-7535 or 337-328-2252).

BBBBB12 pm:  Plant ID and butterfly plant workshop.  Dr. Charles Allen will lead the workshop.  Meet at Allen Acres.  We will see the national champion Large Gallberry tree on nearby Forest Service land.  See directions to Allen Acres below.

6 pm-till:  Potluck supper (dinner), slides, networking, etc.  Allen Acres (For directions, see below).  We also hope to have a night tour to the river to see fireflies (lightning bugs), spider eyes, and maybe ? foxfire and hear owls.

BBBBB3Saturday, March 29, 2014:

9 am (0900 HR):  “Forest Service Traditional BBBBB” Tours of Bogs and Baygalls: Meet at Allen Acres (See below) and we will caravan to the sites.  Tours will include pitcher plant bogs, upland areas, and other ecosystems.  Orchids, pitcher plants, and other interesting plants should be seen.  Several different kinds of birds including the red cockaded woodpecker, butterflies, and other animals might be encountered.  Bring your own snacks, water, or other beverages.  The bogs are wet so dress accordingly.

12 noon-1:30 pm (1200-1330 HR):  Lunch, at Allen Acres.  “Susan’s Chinese Food” (Donations Accepted)

1:30 pm:  Chris Reid will present “Rare Plants of Louisiana”

BBBBB23 PM “Afternoon Field Trip” Depending on group’s interests etc.  perhaps a tour of yellow lady slippers?  Begin from Allen Acres (see below)

6:00 pm-730 pm “Susan’s Chinese Food” Supper (dinner), net-working, slides, etc.

730 pm till.   We also hope to have a night tour to the river to see fireflies (lightning bugs), spider eyes, and maybe ? foxfire and hear owls.

Sunday March 30, 2014:

9 am (0900 HR “More Tours ??”  Meet at Allen Acres.  The tour will depend on what is in flower and group interest.

For more information, contact Dr. Charles Allen or Susan Allen 337-328-2252 or 337-531-7535 email native@camtel.net.  You are invited to stay in the B and B (www.allenacresbandb.com).

Directions to our house: From the east sides of the state, get on La 10 going west out of Oakdale and follow La 10 thru Elizabeth and Pitkin and then six miles past Pitkin, you will enter Cravens.  In Cravens you will turn south (left) onto La 399.  La 399 is just east of the two stores in Cravens.  If you are coming from the west, you will turn onto La 10 at Pickering and follow La 10 just south of Ft Polk and continue east for about 15 miles.  After entering Cravens, watch for the store on the right and then turn right onto La 399.  Now all are on La 399, follow it south for 1.8-1.9 miles and in a sharp curve to the left, turn right into our driveway.  If you are coming from the south, get on La 112 (an east-west road) just sw of DeRidder and turn north onto La 399.  You will travel north on La 399 for six miles and turn left into Allen Acres.