2020 Young Hunter Award: Kaylee Ann Stacy

Meet Kaylee Ann Stacy.

A 13 year-old 8th grader at Northwestern Middle Lab with many school involvements.

But, at her young age, her hobby of hunting is what makes her unique.

“It’s pretty cool because not many kids my age get to do it and I’m very blessed to do it and I’m glad I get to do it with my family and my friends too.”

Kaylee began her hunting career at the very young age of five.

“We just kind of asked her, would you like to hunt? Would you like to try to shoot a rifle? And she said, oh yeah I’m game I want to do it. She’s heard about me doing it, she’s heard about her dad doing it and just kind of said do you want to try it. So, we started off with a small .22 caliber rifle and it was a pink one, perfect for a little girl and she just took right to it.

Growing up, Kaylee learned of the hunting passion her parents and family had shared for so long. It was only a matter time before she got old enough to tag along. Her hunting experiences have taken her many places around the world like Africa, New Zealand and much more.

“It is a very enjoyable family activity that we do. It’s not always about the hunt or getting this animal or getting that animal. Its going to experience new things, experience new cultures and just being together. Being able to get away and be together as a family.”

Those experiences and efforts have allowed for Kaylee to the recipient of the Dallas Safari Club’s 2020 Young Hunter Award.

“I think its very phenomenal that Kaylee is getting this award at age 13. She met the criteria. The criteria is a combination of not only hunting trophies that she’s accumulated, the number of animals and the types of animals but its also a combination of her leadership activities that she has pursued while in junior high.

Its no doubt that Kaylee’s efforts have gone unnoticed. But, even in her young career… the sky is the limit.

“I have seen myself grow and wiser and I’ve gotten more serious and more involved in hunting.”

“She’s progressed very nicely. She has a better shot than my husband and I together combined, by far. She’s in the hunt when she’s there. She’s completely focused. There’s no distractions and she’s just able to call her shot.”

“I’m being involved in the animal cycle of life at the same time, I’m doing conservation. I’m doing good in the world.”

More information on her award, read here: https://www.biggame.org/2019/12/04/2020-young-hunter-award-winner-named/